No deposit is required in order to bid.

Bids must be submitted online before the date and time indicated in the asset description. Entrepex will not receive any bids after the indicated time. It is the bidder’s responsibility to ensure the receipt of his bid with Entrepex.

Any particular conditions entered in a bid offer may, at the discretion of Entrepex, be automatically revoked. This bid will therefore be voided. Entrepex reserves the right to refuse any request of a bid and/or the presence of a bidder.

The buyer must take possession and removes the goods, at his expense, within 72 hours upon acceptance of the offer by the seller. After this period, storage fees will apply. Otherwise, the offer may become null and therefore be voided. If so, the seller may dispose of the property as desired.

Entrepex reserves the rights to refuse any offers from a delinquent buyer who has violated the terms and conditions.

The amount must be paid in full either by Interac transfer, bank transfer or Interac (debit card). Payment must also be received in full before the purchaser may recover his asset. No other payment method is accepted.

As of August 13, 2020, bank drafts are no longer accepted.

A bidder can cancel his bid 48 hours before the auction closes. He must do so by contacting Entrepex via email. Otherwise, the bid will be retained and valid.

Please note, a buyer fee of $200 + taxes is applicable to each purchase and will be added to the amount bid upon acquisition of the asset.

Please note, fees for the Carfax report are applicable to each purchase and will be added to the amount bid upon acquisition of the asset.

Taxes, if applicable, will also be added to the bid amount on the sales contract once the asset is sold.

The goods are sold as is, without any guarantee of quantity and quality on the part of the seller. Bidders must rely on their sole review and/or inspection and take into consideration that the seller does not provide any guarantee as to the description, condition and value of the goods. The seller waives any guarantee as to the quality and quantity of the goods.

The seller is not required to accept the highest bid nor any bid.

Terms and conditions are applicable to all bids submitted. These terms and conditions shall form an integral part of bid solicitation and bids submitted, and is therefore the responsibility of the bidder to obtain a copy.

For any requires or information, please contact Entrepex at 514-944-6968.