A buyer fee ($300.00 + taxes) as well as a CARFAX report fee ($50.95 + taxes) will be added to the bid amount when acquiring an asset.
CARFAX reports are provided only for the following assets: automobiles, motorcycles and motor vehicles.
Please note that taxes, if applicable, will be added to the amount of the submission when the property is sold. The taxes applied vary according to the type of asset, the seller and the type of insolvency.
For more information, contact Entrepex at 514-944-6968.


Any special conditions included in a bid for an offer may, at Entrepex’s discretion, be automatically revoked. This submission will therefore be void.
Entrepex reserves the right to refuse any offers from a delinquent buyer who has violated the terms and conditions of sale.


Bids must identify the value assigned to each lot and the lots may be sold separately.
In order to receive reasonable offers, a starting bet is entered based on the assessment made by Entrepex staff.
The seller is not obliged to accept the highest or any tender reserving the right to dispose of the property in any other manner provided for by law.

The seller reserves the right to revoke a sale if the terms and conditions have not been met. /br>

The seller reserves the right to cancel without cause throughout the sale process.
In all cases, no compensation can be claimed.


A registration in the name of the seller of the asset will be given to you when your asset is recovered. Otherwise, a statement will be displayed on the asset sheet.
For assets sold by a trustee in bankruptcy, no registration will be provided. A certificate of nomination and a signed sales contract will be given to you for transfer to the SAAQ.
For pleasure craft of the boat or personal watercraft type, the registration of the trailer will be given to you. However, for the pleasure craft licence, it will be the purchaser’s responsibility to make the transfer on their own on the Transport Canada website by clicking on the following link: The seller will not give you any title unless otherwise stated in the asset declarations.
As these are bank repossessions sold by banking institutions and/or bankruptcy trustees, no traffic transit can be provided. It is the buyer’s responsibility to take possession of his assets or to mandate a third party.



No deposit is required to bid.
No buyer under the age of 18 is allowed to bid.
Submissions must be submitted online by the date and time indicated on the asset description. Entrepex will stop receiving them for that time. It is the responsibility of the Bidder to ensure receipt of its bid from Entrepex.

The bidder will be able to withdraw their bid themselves by using the hyperlink “To withdraw your offer to purchase, click here.” in the confirmation email.


The Terms of Sale apply to all bids submitted. They form an integral part of the bids submitted and it is the responsibility of the bidders to obtain a copy.
The Buyer is fully aware that its submission constitutes a legal commitment to the seller. On the due date of the call for tenders, the Buyer shall not cancel the sale and acknowledges that the Agent or Seller shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages arising from the transportation, storage or operation of the Property.
No loss due to a cancelled sale, administrative error or processing time can be granted. A breach of the legal commitment will automatically mean a ban on the right to tender and any other measures deemed consistent by the representative.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to read the CARFAX, as no statement will be made by the seller and/or Entrepex concerning a reported accident, incorrect mileage or any other anomalies that could be found in the Carfax report.


The acquirer takes possession and removes the goods, at his expense, within 72 hours upon acceptance of the offer to purchase. If you do not take possession within the prescribed time, a storage fee of $15/day will be charged and the seller may dispose of the property otherwise.
Please note that Entrepex is not responsible for the handling of assets and that a release must be signed before your purchase is loaded. If you hire a third party to recover your purchase, a signed power of attorney must be sent to us.
Additional charges may apply depending on the handling of the asset and the equipment loan. The buyer must ensure that his agent takes possession.


The full payment must be made by Interac, Interac e-Transfer or Bank Transfer and the latter must have been cashed to recover an asset. No other method of payment will be accepted. Proof or confirmation of payment does not constitute full payment.

Currently, no funding is available.


The goods are sold as seen, without any guarantee of quantity and quality from the seller. Bidders must rely solely on their examination and consider that the seller gives no guarantee as to the description, condition and value of the goods and waives any guarantee as to the quality and quantity of the goods.


Bidders must rely solely on their examination and consider that the seller or Entrepex makes no warranty as to the description, condition and value of the goods and waives any warranty as to the quality, quantity or accuracy of the information on the goods. No compensation will be given to the buyer for an incomplete or incomplete examination.
Entrepex disclaims all responsibility for errors, modifications resulting from the evaluation, or omissions identified in the reports provided. Reports are made by the judgment of our appraisers who use a set of inspection guidelines to ensure consistency between assets. The information and reports are provided for information purposes and it is the responsibility of the tenderer to ensure the accuracy of the information.
The assessment may be conducted online or in person during visiting hours. No test drive is permitted.
Visitors must be vigilant and act safely at Entrepex’s premises.